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Selling Your Business- First Steps
Selling Your Business- First Steps
The first steps in selling your business are key.

The US economy is driven by entrepreneurs - small and mid-market businesses, more than 20 million of them, many of them privately-owned. It is often difficult for owners to convert all of their hard work and ingenuity into an equity event. It is a complex and time-consuming process. Stony Hill Business Brokers has the experience and expertise to assist with selling a private business successfully.

 All of the partners at Stony Hill Business Brokers have been entrepreneurs in private businesses and have had experience managing and selling their businesses. We understand the grind of running your own show and the uncertainty of getting the most value for the business.

We have particular experience with the small business market in eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. We can provide advice on preparing a business for sale, even years in advance. We can help buyers find the right business for their circumstances. And we advise both sellers and buyers throughout the process to assure a quick, smooth transfer of ownership.


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